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Are you a parent who does their best to raise their children but still feels inadequate and frustrated? Or maybe you expect to be a parent soon and it all seems incredibly challenging and overwhelming.

In her book - (Un)parenting, Dr Nidhi Gupta introduces powerful and actionable methods for raising modern-day children to become responsible, creative, and independent adults.


We offer Craniosacral Therapy - a unique, and scientific non-invasive healing method that uses gentle touch to release stress, deep-seated trauma, and injury. Through its self-healing mechanisms, it relieves diseases, their symptoms, and their underlying causes. This restores balance across the various systems of the body, bringing it back into its state of effervescent health and well-being.

Happiness Prog
Join the world's most effortless meditation program

Sahaj Samadhi Dhyana Yoga is a skill for life, you can meditate on your own any time, anywhere, and for life. Sahaj Samadhi Dhyana Yoga brings your brain waves into a calming alpha-wave state, which soothes your nervous system, providing deep rest and relaxation to the body and mind.


Radiology Clinic

To help physicians reach an appropriate diagnosis, I perform and interpret diagnostic procedures through ultrasound scans. My role in pregnancy assessment includes pregnancy scans for all gestations 

Learn SKY (Sudarshan Kriya) - the world's most powerful breathing technique

Join 45 million people across 156 countries who have benefited from this unique 4-day-workshop (2 hours/day) to boost immunity, remove stress, improve relationships, and live with joy & purpose


Coming soon.

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