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Dr Nidhi Gupta 

Dr Nidhi Gupta is a Radiologist who believes in following a holistic approach to promoting healthy living.

Dr Nidhi Gupta is a passionate reader, writer, and researcher on the human body and mind. She has penned a book on a revolutionary concept - Conscious Unparenting. This book is the culmination of her journey in searching for a simple map of effective and joyful parenting in the new age.

Through touch, using Craniosacral Therapy she can figure out what’s going on in the body and bring about balance and harmony to relieve your aches & pains, migraines and backaches, helps you sleep well and alleviated anxiety and depression.


Dr Nidhi offers to teach you the research-backed World's most powerful breathing technique Sudarshan Kriya™ to improve sleep, boost immunity, and lower stress and depression levels.


A unique, and scientific non-invasive method that uses gentle touch to release stress, deep-seated trauma, and injury through its self-healing mechanisms.


Join 45 million people across 156 countries who have benefited from this unique workshop to boost immunity, remove stress, improve relationships, and live with joy & purpose


Author (Un)Parenting

Are you a parent who does their best to raise their children but still feels inadequate and frustrated? Or maybe you expect to be a parent soon and it all seems incredibly challenging and overwhelming. Watch out for my forthcoming book. 

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382, Sector 44A, Chandigarh (UT) India
Tel: +91 99881 10753

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