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Craniosacral Therapy

Triggers the body’s self-healing mechanisms to relieve diseases.

craniosacral therapy

Are you tired of recurring aches & pains, migraine, disturbed sleep or anxiety & depression?

Take a pause. Think over.

So often, it can feel like you have done every consultation with experts. You have taken medication for months. You have followed every instruction from your loved ones. But you are yet to find relief from migraine, sleep problems or a long-standing neck or backache. It takes a lot of your attention and time. Making it hard to lead a normal life. 

We offer Craniosacral Therapy - a unique, and scientific non-invasive healing method that uses gentle touch to release stress, deep-seated trauma, and injury. Through its self-healing mechanisms, it restores balance across the various systems of the body, bringing it back into its state of effervescent health and well-being. It relieves your aches & pains, migraines and backaches, helps you sleep well and alleviated anxiety and depression.

Are you tired

How does Craniosacral Therapy work?

CST acts as a catalyst for you to tap into your own system

If you scratch yourself, or get some cut or small wound, in a few days’ time, your body manages to heal itself. The body has an innate intelligence and enjoys good health and it forever wants to be in that state of vibrant health.

Many times, we abuse our body by disrupting its natural rhythms (not sleeping or eating on time), overindulging (eating wrong types of food, working too hard, etc) and consuming obvious poisons like non-veg food, alcohol, tobacco or recreational drugs causing it terrible stress. Accidents, bugs, illnesses and other mishaps all contribute to the assault on it.

The body is a brilliant piece of organic engineering and most times manages to bounce back to health, albeit, with a few leftovers of distress. This distress piles up over time causing our immune systems to break down and creates disease.

There is a vast intelligence in the body and if you could tap into them, almost infinite resources are available. Craniosacral Therapy acts as a catalyst for you to tap into your own system, use resources available to you, and create great health. Of course, lifestyle changes would need to happen alongside CST for it to have a more dramatic, permanent effect.

Through touch, a therapist can figure out what’s going on in the body and bring about balance and harmony by supplementing its own drive towards great health.

Choose your therapy

Choose your therapy


The goal of the therapist is to create balance and harmony so that you can feel relaxed and happy.


We shall put you at ease and help you to sleep like a baby.


The Craniosacral Therapy allows the body to re-establish a free flow of energy, resulting in a gradual reduction of migraines

Frequently Asked Questions about Craniosacral therapy
Are there any side-effects of undergoing a CST treatment? Can it be done in conjunction with other therapies or treatments?

CST is holistic and organic in nature. It respects the innate ability of the body to heal itself. It will not interfere with any treatment you are currently undergoing and could in fact enhance and speed up recovery.

Is there any age or any other restrictions to get CST?

Anyone can take CST – including new-borns, pregnant women and the elderly.

Any precautions? Are there times when one doesn’t take CST?

CST can be even given pre and post-surgery with the consent of the operating surgeon – though in many cases, CST has helped prevent surgery in the first place. It’s great when your Craniosacral therapist can work with your health care physician and supplement your existing treatment.

How long is each CST session? And how many sessions does one typically need?

A CST session could be between 45 minutes to an hour. Each person’s experience and response to the treatment is unique. The number of sessions required could vary depending on the severity of the condition. Some people feel “cured” in just one or two sessions, others may need many more sessions over the course of a few months or even years.

In our experience, most people will return for sessions long after they are completely alright, to relax and rejuvenate themselves, enhance their sense of well-being and make sure they don’t fall ill.

Craniosacral Therapy has worked for many people across the world. Reviews of people after the treatment are - 'feeling like I have a new body' 'I am back to being me again!'. * Chronic issues gradually decrease pain. * Migraines, back problems, arthritis, depression, anxiety etc problems get relieved. * Students have better focus and clarity * Professionals are better at their jobs"

Craniosacral Therapy impacts the musculoskeletal, nervous, cardio-vascular, circulatory and immune systems to relieve from diseases and their root causes. Chronic issues gradually decrease pain. Migraines, back problems, arthritis, depression, anxiety etc problems get relieved. Students have better focus and clarity. Professionals are better at their jobs.

Many allopathic, homeopathic and ayurvedic doctors work with trained Craniosacral Therapists to bring back their patient’s health before deciding on invasive procedures. However, a formal research for Craniosacral Therapy is awaited to get more widespread acceptance.

One session of Craniosacral therapy lasts from 45 minutes to an hour

Yes, Craniosacral therapy is good to release you from anxiety.

Once per week to twice or thrice a week depending up on the adversity of the ailment.

No, Craniosacral therapy is not eaxctly same as Reiki. Reiki sends universal energy to the patient whereas in Craniosacral therapy "thinking, feeling fingers" perceive restrictions at the back of the head and gently nudge them back into synchronity.

Minor aches and pains vanish like dew drops in the morning sun. Many have reported a feeling “a lot better”, “feeling fresh”, “feeling like I have a new body”.

People with chronic or severe issues report the gradual lessening of their pain over a few sessions. People with physical problems like migraines, back problems, arthritis, etc have got much better and could be weaned off the medicines they were taking.

CST has helped people with depression or anxiety resume their normal day-to-day lives – many say – I am back to being me again!

CST treatments have enhanced focus and clarity in students and professionals making them better at their jobs.

Look at it this way.

For the most part, you don’t have anything to lose, and you’ll get a healing method that connects the physical, emotional and spiritual. Intuition, insight and the perception of facts are equally important. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


Maybe, the mind can’t understand the details – that the body holds the answers if we dare to be still enough to listen to the tide of the cranial wave, our core. That’s what craniosacral therapy aims for.

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