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Dr Nidhi Gupta 

Dr Nidhi Gupta is a Radiologist who believes in following a holistic approach to promoting healthy living. She has been successfully using alternative therapies to tap into your own system, use resources available to you, and create great health. 


Dr Nidhi Gupta is a passionate reader, writer, and researcher on the human body and mind. She has penned a book on a revolutionary concept - Conscious Unparenting. This book is the culmination of her journey in searching for a simple map of effective and joyful parenting in the new age. She aims to inspire the reader to bridge the generation gap, develop a beautiful bond with the next generation, and bring lasting peace and happiness to one’s family.


She lives in India with her husband, while her son has embarked on a medical career in the United States.


Through touch, using Craniosacral Therapy she can figure out what’s going on in the body and bring about balance and harmony to relieve your aches & pains, migraines and backaches, helps you sleep well and alleviated anxiety and depression.


Dr Nidhi offers to teach you the research-backed World's most powerful breathing technique Sudarshan Kriya™ to improve sleep, boost immunity, and lower stress and depression levels.

Professional Journey

I'm a Radiologist,
Craniosacral therapist, Author & Happiness coach.

Since studying at an esteemed university and working at the top hospitals in Punjab, Dr Nidhi Gupta has provided the utmost care and cutting-edge diagnostic radiology procedures. Dr Nidhi Gupta understands that your health and wellness concerns extend beyond routine medical care and is here to guide you in all matters of your health. No matter what you need, Dr Nidhi will provide you with high-quality, patient-centred care and educate you about your well-being.

Experience & Qualification


Radiologist - Ultrasonologist at Aman Scans, Mohali (Punjab, India)


Radiologist - Ultrasonologist at Department of Radiology, Fortis Hospital, Mohali (Punjab, India)


Consultant Radiology at Ludhiana Hospital, Bathinda (Punjab, India)


Medical Director Radiology, Cygnus HealthStreet Hospitals, Bathinda (Punjab, India)


Medical Director Radiology, HealthStreet Hospitals, Bathinda (Punjab, India)


Post-graduation training in Radiology, CMC Hospital, Ludhiana (Punjab, India)

Craniosacral Therapist

Certificate Training in Craniosacral therapy from Sri Sri School of Healing Arts (SSSOHA)

The Art of Living Faculty

Teaching basic and advanced level courses in meditation & self-development to children and adults since year 2007. 

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